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News of enterprise

The completion of orders in December

17 orders were completed in December 2014. The percentage of completion of the shift tasks is 88,91%.


The manufacture of the pipes NKTV-73x5.5 with screwed-on tool-joints ZTU-9-62 with the thread Z-80 were implemented in October.

Execution of the orders in October

15 orders were completed in October, the percentage of shift task completion is 89,05%. 37 workers obtain related specialties (79 specialties), the average indicator on 60 people is 1,32 specialty.

The Quality System in Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant, Ltd.

The quality system in the company is represented by the certified laboratory of line and angle measurements: Attestation Certificate ? 065-44-2-7-KL, valid till August 29, 2017. The laboratory is equipped by the precision equipment that includes universal measuring microscope YIM-21, optical divided head ODG-10, horizontal and vertical optimeters, sets of angular measures and end-gauges, universal and specific means of measurement equipment. Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing of the drilling equipment, Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant, Ltd. possesses control and working sets of tapered pitch and plain gauges with the diameter up to 500 mm. The gauges were manufactured in Mikron, Ltd., Odessa.
Currently, the method of measurement of the cylindrical metric screw thread over 300 mm was developed in the laboratory.

Congratulations on the 11th anniversary of the plant!

Today we would like to congratulate our staff on the 11th anniversary of the plant. We are very thankful for the achievements we have made and always ready for new steps forward.

Sports life of the plant

February 23 held a regular holiday tournament on mini-football among employees in a cup of the DDEP. Tournament winners were awarded cash prizes and diplomas to the best goalkeepers, defenders, striker and scorer of the tournament.

Updated reviews of products

Updated page Partners. Added new reviews for service products: Donetskgeology (tool-joint Z-50), Evrazruda (heavy bars 203?50, rod reinforced 203?38)

Celebrating Engineering Day

By the day of celebrating the "Engineering Day," the mayor of Dnipropetrovsk, the enterprise's staff had letters of thanks for their dedicated work, high professinalizm, modern proach to the work, the desire to master.
Personally, gratitude, awarded Shcherbina Elena is a leading engineer of the company.

Learning Center of Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant

On July 1, 2011 the company created a structural unit of Training Center.  

The objectives of the training center are:  

- To introduce the newly arriving workers with company policies and objectives in terms of quality;  

- Training of management personnel;

-retraining, skills upgrading and professional level of employees.

Participation in the conference

06.07.2011 at Krivoy Rog in the department of mining machines Krivoy Rog Technical University, a conference was held which was attended by specialists of our company, with a report on the benefits of our products.

Atlas Copco
     Dnepropetrovsk plant of drilling equipment Co Ltd make and realize the bars for the import manufacturers Atlas Copco - ROC L8, ROC L6, Titon D500.

     The bars to apply for well-boring in conditions career and open mine workings, for the blasthole drilling is downhole hammer to apply on the lime career and granite career.

     Just as to use in the building of the road and pipeline construction.

Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Thread length, mm Thread type
89 12 5 З-66
102 14 5 З-76
114 16 5 З-88

News of productions

Innovative technology company

The specialists of our company has developed a new product - Kelly extended the length of -25 and 27 meters, which allow to reduce by half the number of building the drill string and thus increase the share of net drilling. In the manufacture of the product in terms of "FWBO" using advanced techniques and cutting the connective thread of control that provide the coincidence of the faces of the squares. When cutting the connecting threads of a high-quality, and threading tools from leading vendors, as well as high-precision and high-performance equipment. The advantages of this product: - The possibility of deepening wells per drilling cycle is doubled; - Twice the reduced number of auxiliary operations and the time to do unproductive work with the building of drill pipe; - Saving time (the time saved is used for productive drilling, thereby increasing the productivity of the rig). Kelly, produced by this technology, have the ability to shuttle assembly and disassembly without loss of operational capabilities

Manufacture of forging and rolling tool

Dnepropetrovsk plant of drilling equipment Co Ltd, in addition to the basic production - drilling tools and equipment, has mastered a new direction: making forging and rolling tools. Technology for manufacturing of pipes by hot pressing, we offer: matrix rings, rings detachable, the holder of the matrix, needles, expanders, mandrel, press washers, and more. For cold rolling mills and HPT KPW we are able to produce gauges mills, mandrel, rollers, planks and other supporting pipe and pressing tool.

Development of new products

At the moment, is being developed for the production of rod horizontal directional drilling, which is increasingly developing. Horizontal directional drilling is a method of trenchless laying of pipelines and other utilities at different depths under natural and artificial obstacles without disrupting their normal mode of functioning

Development of new products

Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant mastered production of drill rods, made from steel drill with a central channel, used for drilling in hard rocks with submersible punches, as well as while drilling bee-entrance in the steel industry with special arrangements.

Expanded product range

The enterprise has launched production of non-magnetic drill collar. More information about the products found in the directory.

New line of production

On our enterprise a line is started on the production of borings pipes with a welded tool joint on the standard of API. Welding on is carried out on the machine of welding the friction of Thompson.

Introduction to exploitation of barbells for SBU -100

On 16 of July 2009 on Adabashskiy sand-pit were put into the operation of barbell for the machine-tools of SBU-100, made in the Dnepropetrovsk drilling equipment plant LTD.

The catalogue of products is renewed

To the catalogue of products information is added about pipes borings steel universal with welded tool joint.

Production of new goods

The production of leading borings pipes of CK-140K is mastered coupled, by general length to 27000 mm. These pipes of use for the boring drilling of mining holes on oil and gas. Such length a square allows to execute chute-lift operations with borings candles, consisting of twothree of borings pipes.

A review is added about products

In a section partners a review is added about products from LTD «Khimstal'komplekt» on exploitation of UBSH of ø165?71 mm, ø178?57 mm, ø203?71 mm.

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