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The History of Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant

     The history of Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant began in October 3, 2003, as a result of amalgamation of two small companies that for 5 years were seeking their market place and were growing and developing.
In the short period of time this plant became a significant player in the market of the production of the drilling equipment. Nowadays, Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant is a dynamically developing company, that works successfully on the market. The products of the company are used in mining, oil-and-gas producing, and exploration companies.
     For the exploration companies we produce drilling pipes with screwed-on tool joints. We have mastered as well the production of drill colars, kellies and casings for the production drilling.
We produce drill rods, couplings, and pins, couplings for drilling rigs for the blast hole drilling as well as tapered taps used in the accident elimination in the mines.
     Jointly with the Certification Agency "VNITI-TEST" and Dnepropetrovsk Mining Academy, the implementation and development of the novelties of the technological progress are being conducted for the production of new competitive goods.The quality management system was certified according to the Ukrainian National Requirements ISO 9001-2001, and that was confirmed by the Quality Control System Certificate № UA 2.019.1057, issued by the Certification Agency "VNITI-TEST", licensed by The State Body of Standardization of Ukraine. The given system enables us to make incoming material control, as well as to provide parameters' stability in the process of the production of the drilling equipment.
     The company has Certificates of Conformity for the manufactured products issued by UKR SEPRO, by The State Body of Standardization of Ukraine and GOST R, and issued by the State Standard of Russia.
     Nowadays, we have developed the production markets in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Russia, Belorussia, Turkmenia, and Azerbaijan.
     The work on the marketing development has been actively held to expand and improve the cooperation on the markets of Bulgaria, Baltic countries, and countries of South – East Asia.
     But not only technical achievements make our enterprise successful. Dnepropetrovsk Drilling Equipment Plant provides good working conditions and competitive salaries.
     The responsibility before our customers, suppliers and society should be always and everywhere. It is the principle of our work, the principle of our successful activity.
     Your enquiries and propositions will enable us to satisfy all your needs more completely.
     We are always pleased to collaborate with you!
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