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System of quality Laboratory Inventions Certificates


     Our enterprise has laboratories for products quality control, as quality is one of the basic conditions of work of our enterprise.
One of them is a metrology laboratory - geometric quantities measuring. The laboratory is certified by Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine № 06544-2-4-26-КЛ dated 03.07.08

Laboratory of metrology

Certified in:
  • Universal Measuring Instrument
  • Plain gages: cylindrical, conical
  • Threaded gages: cylindrical, conical

    Equipped with:
  • Plain and threaded conical gages (produced by Mikron, OJSC, Odessa city) working and checking:
    • tool-joint thread З-42 - З-171
    • pipes thread Т-42-В-168
    • trapezoidal thread - ОТТМ - 146,219,273,426,508
  • Universal Stage Microscope УИМ-21
  • Toolmaker's Microscope БМИЦ
  • Optical Dividing Head ОДГ-10
  • Sine bar ЛС-200
  • End Bars, Category 4.

    Mechanic tests laboratory

    The Laboratory is equipped with:

    Amsler pendulum impact machine is used for room and low temperature bending impact testing of metals and alloys
    According to the requests of the normative documents for pipes, pipe shells, or finished products, longitudinal and diametrical samples of U or V hub are used.
    Before starting the testing the samples are measured with a caliper to check whether they correspond to the requests concerning the dimensions. Using a special device the condenser quality is checked as well.

    Test Machine ЦДМ 10 – is used for testing of samples, made of metals and structures components by means of a static tension load, compressive load, and bending load.
    At the beginning of the samples testing, the examiner makes a record of a steel grade, samples dimensions, customer's data etc. The examiner also checks the quantity of samples, makes their visual inspection, evaluating the production quantity, and the correspondence of marking to that stated in the order or selection report.
    Before starting the testing the examiner checks the measuring tool for samples dimensions measuring. The dimensions measuring, valuation, and marking out the operating length and initial effective length are held in conformity with the tensile tests standards.
    Once the testing finished the data is processed, to define yield point, tensile strength, and elongation.
    Mechanical properties evaluated are recorded in the test report. The test report is drawn in conformity with the testing standards.

    Device ТШ for measuring hardness. The hardness is measured by means of indentation a steel chilled ball into a tested sample under some definite circumstances.

    Indentation-hardness tester The hardness is tested by means of indentation a standard diamond cone or a steel ball into a sample which are under two loadings: preload and total load.

    The devices in the laboratory are inspected annually. The qualified experts use this equipment for testing.

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