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System of quality

     The principle request to Quality System Control at Dnipropetrovs'k Drilling Equipment Plant is the quality level guarantee.
     For products incoming control and for seamless welds control in particular, the management of the enterprise took the decision to buy an ultrasonic flaw detector УД4-76 manufactured by PROMPRYLAD, Scientific Production Enterprise, Kyiv city. Applying the flaw detector УД4-76 enabled us to cut the time for preparing to the control process and the control itself of welded joints, and simplified the work of the detector operator.
     Using special software Ultra UDx-7x, the operator has a possibility, by means of a built-in USB port to transmit B-scans and A-scans to a personal computer for working up reports containing the control results or data bases. In case of necessity, the settings for some definite types of control can be downloaded from a personal computer to the flaw detector. It considerably cuts the time spent for preparing the flaw detector and the control process itself. The program Ultra UDx-7x gives us an opportunity to make an additional analysis of the control results, if to be precise:

- measuring of the detected defects by means of B-scans (their coordinates, conditional and equivalent dimensions, amplitude etc.) enables us to make conclusions about the degree of their risk.
- a large high - contrast color display with well thought-out colour schemes enable the detector operator to receive a lot of information.

      The most important measurements results can be displayed (up to 5 defect parameters). For example:

- depth of occurrence of a defect
- ray-path distance
- defect amplitude
- exceeding of signal threshold level
- equivalent defect area

     All these settings simplify the work of a detector operator, as he can set the device to display the parameters he is interested in.
     Therefore, flaw detector УД4-76 facilitated considerably and speeded up the non-standard parts control and, thus, showed itself to good advantage for weld joints control.

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