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Item №ProductsQuantity
1Drilling bit П112/М-ЦВ (unit)8
2Three-cone bit (unit)3
3Tool joint З-42 left (unit)224
4Tool joint З-50 (unit)99
5Tool joint ЗН-95 (unit)435
6Tool joint ЗН-95 left (unit)214
7Tool joint ЗУ-108 (unit)487
8Tool joint ЗУ-108 left (unit)364
9Tool joint ЗДН-108 (unit)275
10Tool joint ЗДН-95 (unit)86
11Fishing taps ML-UBT-203 (unit)1
12Fishing taps ML-UBT-219 (unit)1
13Fishing taps repair (unit)1
14Muff B-73 (unit)15
15Muff PM-MK154/MZT148-005 (unit)1
16Muff PM-T50/T50 (unit)1
17Muff PM-T73/T73 (unit)113
18Nipple KPN-76/P-001 (unit)45
19Nipple P-MK154/MZT148-003-01 (unit)1
20Nipple P-MK154/MZT148-004 (unit)1
21Nipple PN-76/M90 (unit)1
22Nipple PN-Sp165/Sp165-005 (unit)1
23Subs M-102-117-001 (unit)4
24Subs M-117-117-001 (unit)4
25Subs M-88-117-001 (unit)5
26Subs P-76-102-001 (unit)4
27Subs P-76-88-004 (unit)5
28Subs P-88-117-001 (unit)4
29Subs PX-60h3-117L-01 (unit)8
30Subs PD-MZT148/121-001 (unit)1
31Subs PN-SP-140/M-152-002 (unit)1
32Subs Mon-60х3-73-001 (unit)5
33Subs POU-MZT148/Z-147 (unit)1
34Subs POU-Sp140/147-001 (unit)6
35Subs POU-Sp165/147-002 (unit)10
36Subs POU-Sp165/152-001 (unit)15
37Adaptor PM-86L/76 (unit)1
38Adaptor POU-Sp165/152 (unit)10
39Pipe with a tool joint ЗН-95 73х11/Е/6,8m (unit)1
40Pipe with a tool joint ЗН-95 73х7/К/9m (unit)4
41Pipe with a tool joint ЗН-95 73х7/К/left 9m (unit)45
42Pipe with a tool joint ЗН-95 left 73х9/Е/9m (unit)1
43Pipe with a tool joint ЗУ-108 73х9/Е/9m (unit)1
44Pipe with a tool joint ЗН-95 DP-73-76-001 (unit)1
45Pipe square ВБТ 155х155х11863±10mm «К» steel 30Г2 (unit)1
46Pipe 108х20 steel 20 (t)1
47Pipe 108х28 steel 20 (t)0,87
48Pipe 133х30х7500mm steel 35 (unit)3
49Pipe 273х45 steel 30ХГСА(unit)2
50Pipe 273х10 steel 35ХФ (unit)10
51Pipe 45х5х5900mm steel 45 (unit)9
52Pipe sections are rectangular 100х50Х5,steel 09Г2С GOST 8645-68 (unit)25
53Stem ВБТС-60К-001 (unit) with the length of 8110±5mm3
54Stem И-ШБПЗ-43Х4,5Х4700-001 Сб (unit)3
55Stem И-ШБПЗ-89х6х4000-001 Сб (unit)(NKR)1
56Stem ВБТС-60К-001 (unit) with the length of 8110±5mm2
57Stem ВБТС-80К-003 (unit) with the length of 8150±5mm1
58Stem ВБТС-80К-005 (unit) with the length of 8150±5mm1
59Stem ВБТС-89К (unit) with the length of 11310+100mm8
60Stem И-ШМУ-102-76-006 Сб (Atlas Copco)2
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